10th Apr
Magic Realism Workshop with Rae Bryant

Magic Realism Workshop

with Rae Bryant


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07th Oct
Eckleburg Spectacle

The Eckleburg Workshops

Completely online workshops for writers who want to explore their voices outside of the box. “Responsive, enthusiastic and very, very well-organized. I have participated in many online workshops, including those organized by other lit mags as well as during my low residency MFA. So know that this opinion comes from a significant experience base.” --Lori White “I am somewhat wary of online classes because one gets so much by watching and hearing people rather than reading them. This class, however, is proving valuable because of the great comments by instructor and colleagues. It encourages me to take more online classes.” Huey Alcaro “I’m having a great time with this workshop. I’d be happy if it went on longer! I think prompts are excellent and I love the readings so far and the discussions and feedback has been great.” Katherine Hubbard

03rd Jun
How to Suck Less When Writing about Women 284

Eckleburg Workshop Series | How to Suck Less When Writing about Women

Are you a male writer or a female writer who sucks at writing about women? Do you need help identifying your accidental misogynist language in your manuscripts? Has someone said to you, “Man, you are a misogynistic asshole” and you don’t know why? The team at Eckleburg is here to help you. Coming soon is a 4 week workshop dedicated to helping you write with more gender awareness while not losing your man and/or lady balls. In a confidential and caring environment, we will focus on essay and fiction writing that will put the sensitivity in your gender, the lady parts in your humor. Whether you are an accidental, part-time, or full-time hooha hater, we will help you identify your writing slurs without losing your writing wit. Non-misogynists who are simply looking to hone their gender language and humor welcome. PLEASE. We would really like to work with you. EARLY ENROLLMENT AT DISCOUNTED RATE | $50

02nd Jun
How to Create a Killer Essay

Eckleburg Workshop Series | How to Create a Killer Essay

Start July 1, Four Weeks, Online, $75 | Are you able to start an essay but never finish it? Do you have a hard time trying to figure out what to write? And how about those sentences—do they flow together or are they choppy and awkward? Starting July 1st The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review will host a 4-week online workshop aimed at helping to improve your process and craft of writing creative nonfiction. Participants will read stellar essays by some of our favorite authors (Gertrude Stein, Dorothy Parker, James Baldwin, and F. Scott Fitzgerald to name a few), and use these works as a guide for improving your own craft. By the end of the workshop each participant will have a new, professionally edited and polished 2000 word essay, as well as a stockpile of new short essays to get you started and keep you writing. ENROLL NOW

18th Apr
Conversations and Connections

Conversations and Connections

Rae Bryant *First published at Patasola Press. _

24th Mar
Conversations and Connections | Writing Conference | JHU DC

Conversations and Connections | Writing Conference | JHU DC

03rd Sep
JHU MA Writing Workshops | FREE

JHU MA Writing Workshops | FREE

24th May

Richard Peabody's Novel Workshop: Summer 2010

Critique your complete novel, not just a few chapters, in a small group setting. Led by Gargoyle Magazine editor, Richard Peabody. June 16-September 8 Arlington, VA (5 blocks from the VA Square Metro Station) Tuition: $500 ($125 deposit---non-refundable after workshop acceptance)

21st Mar
Graffiti Announcement

Barrelhouse/Dzanc Books Creative Writing Workshop in D.C.

I had the absolute pleasure of working with a fantastic group of folks this Saturday at the Barrelhouse/Dzanc Books creative writing workshop. Barrelhouse Editors, Dave Housley, Mike Ingram, Dan Brady, and others from the Barrelhouse Crew, joined forces with the lovely and talented duo, Laura Ellen Scott, writer and soon to be fiction editor of Prick of the Spindle, and Reb Livingston, poet and editor of No Tell Books and No Tell Motel. I really enjoyed this group of presenters and participants and had the chance to meet and workshop a bit with Will Grofic, managing editor of Potomac Review and ninja poet (really, this man can put out Kung Fu gripping words at ninja speed). This creative writing experience was not only informative, it was inspiring.

17th Mar
Graffiti Announcement

Support Youth Literacy: Barrelhouse Hosts the D.C. Dzanc Creative Writing Workshop

To celebrate creative writing and support youth literacy, Barrelhouse editors---Dan Brady, Dave Housley, and Mike Ingram along with writer, Laura Ellen Scott, and poet/publisher, Reb Livingston---have organized the DC contingent of Dzanc Books' National Creative Writing Workshop Day to be held this Saturday, March 20th, at the Wonderland Ballroom. Moon Milk Review's editor, Rae Bryant, will also be in attendance.