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Create Your Book Trailer at The Eckleburg Workshops

Do you have a novel, short story collection or poetry collection coming out? Join “Create Your Book Trailer” and learn how to create a book trailer that will gather promotional interest for your book! In just 4 weeks, you will have your very own, custom book trailer to share with your publisher, readers and reviewers. […]

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Breaking Books I: How to Get Started as a Reviewer at The Eckleburg Workshops

This course will walk students through the basics of writing, pitching, and publishing book reviews. We will discuss the many ways book reviews are valuable for literary citizenship, networking, and building relationships within the publishing community. Assignments will include submissions bombing (in which students will craft work for interested markets that are lined up in […]

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Breaking Books II: How to Nail the Book Review at The Eckleburg Workshops

All the cool writing workshops advise showing and not telling, getting rid of personal rhetoric, and not forcing images to do the work of narrative and vice versa. The fun part of book reviewing is that we get to break these rules all the time. Tired of limited omniscience? Consider the only creative genre that […]

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Join Christopher Dewan for 30 Stories in 30 Days at The Eckleburg Workshops

Christopher DeWan is author of the book, Work and Other Essays, and has published over three dozen stories in journals including A cappella Zoo, Bartleby Snopes, The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review, DOGZPLOT, Jersey Devil Press, JMWW, Juked, Necessary Fiction, and wigleaf. His fiction has been nominated twice for the Pushcart Prize. As a screenwriter, […]

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Cute unicorn in fairy tale cave

FREE WORKSHOP: Universal Manuscript Format and How To Push Your Manuscript to the Editor’s Desk

Scenario: An editor opens her submissions queue and finds she’s received 600 unsolicited submissions this week. She looks at the middle school poster on her wall, it is of a unicorn with a pink main and tail and golden horn. She’s named the unicorn Unsolicited Submitter. She sighs then assigns the submissions to her readers. […]

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