23rd Apr

POETRY | Heroin

by Aria Aber | I try the needle on my neck, / my carotid hits more bpm than yesterday...

16th Apr

POETRY | In Earnestness

by William Welch | Night at five o'clock now and the streets / are filled with lights, not different in themselves...

09th Apr

POETRY | Like a Bad B Movie, Baby

by Jason Braun | Swamp Thing-ing my way up into / the coves with crime and no clothes / clinging to me...

02nd Apr

POETRY | Etiquette for Abandonment

by Sara Biggs Chaney | Instructions for young ladies of breeding/ on the best temperature at which/ to boil your lover's rabbit...

29th Mar

Weekly Poem: Ron Padgett reads ‘Thinking about the Moon’

Thinking about the Moon As a child I thought the moon existed only at night: there it was in the dark sky. When I saw it in daytime I knew it was the moon but it wasn’t the real one. It was that other one. The real moon had moonlight, silver and blue....

26th Mar

POETRY | Another Ocean

by Michal Lemberger | Maria is under the sink again. / The thick-glassed Virgin, smashed...

19th Mar

POETRY | On Display

by Sara Mithra | In the makeshift hospital,/ linen straps swaddle my arms and legs./ Mister Robin asks how it hurts...

12th Mar

POETRY | Ophelia’s Last Song

by Noel Sloboda | Unable to wrap/ nailless fingers around/ this thrashing black/ fish pitched onto land...

05th Mar

POETRY | Nephew of Tangaloa

by Rico Craig | Last words of my father,/ "We are worms squirming/ on stones broken/ by Tangaloa, people of the sand...

26th Feb

POETRY | Milton, of termagant&tyranny

by Courtney Jameson | dear decelerate Anne, you are wise beyond/ your imagination beyond what little// thoughts you've engineered...

19th Feb

POETRY | Under the Dictatorship of Scent

by Daniel Bosch | In a country where poor dogs have three legs/ I saw a child taunt a dog with gobbets// Of gopher, squirrel, or cat, or what have you...

12th Feb

POETRY | “Heroism,” Or After Art History

by Daniel Bosch | Vernix-spangled, his face beef-pink,/ Like Perseus fated to slay...

05th Feb

POETRY | Of Ardor

by Daniel Bosch | The feline will not speak of it, but canines/ Publish a Compleat Lexicon of Ardor/ in one-hundred and fifty dog dialects...

29th Jan

POETRY | Letters from the War

by Amanda Nowakowski | my mother learned / to read in the bomb / shelter under the compost/ bin...

22nd Jan

POETRY | Cartographers

by Ethan Leonard | My father saw a traveler's feet, he told me they were knotted...

15th Jan

POETRY | Visingsö, 1965

by Gerard Sarnat | Freedom Summer, burned out/ by that Sunflower County shack's bullet holes...

08th Jan

POETRY | Here We Are

by Sarah Bridgins | I never thought that falling asleep/ would feel like dying/ but here we are...

01st Jan

POETRY | everyman

by John Amen | everyman looks like my father/ hunched in a shadow conducting rush-hour traffic/ at 5:11 when the cops arrive/ he puts the gun to his head...