23rd Jul

POETRY | six flowers from now

by Jim Warner |

16th Jul

POETRY | Survey of Silt

by Jen Fitzgerald | Your body: a dash on a graph, / delineated by passing / unconscious ticks...

09th Jul

POETRY | the meathook, the liontamer, and the Holy Spirit

by Jim Warner | Pang of recognition, / an ice pick mistaking lead crystal / for winter. Reduced diamonds...

02nd Jul

POETRY | My Mother Never Smoked a Cigarette

by Jen Fitzgerald | Her lungs bellow the smoke of felled buildings. / Shallow rasps reverberate through the house. / Pant of coughing fit broken by hair fine moments...

25th Jun

POETRY | Admittance

by Jim Warner | I left a season of forwarding addresses / for the Midwest. I had a bad heart, / mis-ticking like a broken Timex, clots / of last May stuck in its crown...

18th Jun

POETRY | Father

by Joanna Valente | When was the last time you saw your mother? / Do the dead materialize // What did your father teach you?

11th Jun

POETRY | Mother

by Joanna Valente | Who was your first love? / My only dream is a bodiless hand / stroking a child, canyon for a face // Have you seen the dead?

04th Jun

POETRY | Combinations (As In, Not Two)

by Charlie Weeks | Pretending I'm a criminal // Fresh out of the shower / Clean with what I can buy / Abnormal psychology...

28th May

POETRY | The Philosopher Dresses in Drag

by Andrea L. Hackbarth | He questions whether it's possible / to question-- given the evidence / substantial as bones...

21st May

POETRY | Pills

by Jackson Burgess | I'm soft-spoken in the pharmacy as the girl behind the counter plays with her hair / and Johnny smokes my Newport outside...

14th May

POETRY | Since You Left Me

by Jackson Burgess | I've been stepping on nails and cutting across streets / waiting for some errant driver to run me down. / At parties I've been chain-smoking in the bathroom...

07th May

POETRY | S.Ex in Sibling Rivalry #8

by James Shrader | I'm prowling the empty house / for masturbation material, for suggestive loot, anything / regarding the body. In my sister's room maybe...

30th Apr

POETRY | Blue and Black

by LeRoy Sorenson | There is this thin blue vein stretching down / her inner thigh to the ankle, a bright / scar running through white marble...

23rd Apr

POETRY | Heroin

by Aria Aber | I try the needle on my neck, / my carotid hits more bpm than yesterday...

16th Apr

POETRY | In Earnestness

by William Welch | Night at five o'clock now and the streets / are filled with lights, not different in themselves...

09th Apr

POETRY | Like a Bad B Movie, Baby

by Jason Braun | Swamp Thing-ing my way up into / the coves with crime and no clothes / clinging to me...

02nd Apr

POETRY | Etiquette for Abandonment

by Sara Biggs Chaney | Instructions for young ladies of breeding/ on the best temperature at which/ to boil your lover's rabbit...

29th Mar

Weekly Poem: Ron Padgett reads ‘Thinking about the Moon’

Thinking about the Moon As a child I thought the moon existed only at night: there it was in the dark sky. When I saw it in daytime I knew it was the moon but it wasn’t the real one. It was that other one. The real moon had moonlight, silver and blue....