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October 2013, Page 3


ESSAYS | Making Pictures

Jeremy Freedman, an artist whose works are exhibited in the Eckleburg Gallery, discusses his artistry with Eckleburg and why he prefers making …

Uncle Matt’s Two-Hour Shower

    Uncle Matt’s Two-Hour Shower. The best of  psychedelic tunes new and old, along with a little of everything in between….

Sam music photo

MUSIC | Sam Pluta

For a number of years the central focus of my work has been on using the laptop, in combination with microphones, speakers, …

Ahmet Murat Karayilan

Ahmet Murat Karaylian has studied mathematics, woodworking, industrial engineering and fine arts.  Each of his figures is ‘Dasein’. As Heidegger uses this, …

Lindsay Vaughan

POETRY | His Flaming Sister

by Lindsay Vaughan | Her mother found her in the kitchen// a knife in her belly and her head// wedged between the branches of an oak chair…


FICTION | Squatters

BY Andrés Carlstein | When I was sixteen my family made the eleven-hour flight to Argentina to spend a month visiting uncle Chocho and his family. My mother could hardly afford to take us,…